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    [News] DotA 2 COMPETITION. Champion gets 5k USD. NO JOKE.

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    [News] DotA 2 COMPETITION. Champion gets 5k USD. NO JOKE.

    Post by `iaN on Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:10 pm

    Everyday seems so dull.... but when i saw this i was REVIVED.

    PRODOTA2 Worldwide League announced that League is being divided into PRO DIVISION (by invitation only) and NON-PRO DIVISION ( this is what we focus on )

    For non pro division, there is 12 slots for ASIA DIVISION,and the total prizes : 10,000$ .

    Basically, if you dont want to waste the golden opportunity, REGISTER NOW @

    The flow of the tournament is some sort like this :
    starts competing with the other 11 ASIA teams > enter NON PRO playoff ( if u in best 3 ) > qualify to PRO division (best 3 in NON pro) > shake hand with NAVI. > (this only happens when u bribed all international teams) win 20,000 USD.

    for more information : (introduction) ( official website for tournament ) (for more understanding )

    Bro, i hope is not late when u see this post, may god bless you Smile REGISTER NOW

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